Are you really a family?

Yes. Ana Maria and I (Joel) are the parents of these good-looking kids. I am the only blue-eyed one in the family. Ana Maria’s beautiful genes won, big-time.

How long have you been playing music together?

I taught each of the kids piano and some of them guitar. The older three learned violin in the school orchestra. I picked up the banjo in 2007 just for kicks and we started jamming together on bluegrass tunes in the living room. We had always sung worship songs in our “family time” of Bible reading and prayer so the two styles merged. We did not play publicly until the summer of 2012. If you are interested in the longer story of how God called us supernaturally into this ministry, find it here.

Do you play original songs or popular worship songs?

We play originals and well-known songs. Most songs on our CDs are simple, original worship songs. We also play old-time hymns in a bluegrass style.

Do you wear matching outfits?

No, and if we ever go in that direction you have permission to arrest us and put us away.

Do you force your kids to do this?

No. We made a pact as a family that we would have relaxed practices while also putting in the time of preparation to lead well. As parents our commitment is to lead without frustration or anger. If we can’t maintain peace, love and unity in the family then we feel we shouldn’t be doing this. Music is a lot less interesting to us than being a family.

What kind of instruments do you play?

I play a Deering Sierra 5-string banjo with an L.R. Baggs pickup. I use all-metal ProPik fingerpicks and wear a Lakota Leathers buffalo hide cradle strap.

Evan and I play a custom-made Rick Lauerman guitar called the “Bob Kilpatrick cutaway,” made especially for my father.

Ian plays a violin bought from and serviced by Robert Cauer in Los Angeles and outfitted with an L.R. Baggs violin pickup.

Rachel plays a Chico model cajon handmade by Pat’s Wood Works.

Jane plays Latin Percussion’s Soft Shake.

What does the future look like for the Kilpatrick Family Band?

We believe our calling is to minister in local churches of all sizes around the world, as we are now doing in California. We love to support the Spirit’s work wherever He leads us. We are particularly interested in blessing churches in China.

What are your other interests?

Ana Maria loves baking and sewing, and has an expertise in administration which is the subject of her master’s thesis. Joel writes books and magazine articles for a living. He is a certified wilderness trip leader and summits some of the tallest peaks in the lower 48. He also enjoys slot canyons of the desert Southwest.

Oldest son Ian has a gift for the Mandarin Chinese language and is called to some sort of pastoral ministry perhaps in China. He is attending Wheaton University starting in the fall of 2014.

Evan is a top-level singer in several choirs. His musical giftedness in voice and guitar helps the Family Band sound professional.

Rachel, our swimmer, twice competed at Junior Olympic regional swim meets in the breaststroke. She is also a good public speaker and singer.

Kate plays on club and AYSO Extra soccer teams and because of her we spend many pleasant Saturdays at tournaments in southern California.

Jane has a dancer’s grace, a singing voice and a performer’s precision. She plays shaker and sings harmony for us, and enjoys ballet.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. May our music help you touch the heart of God! Drop us a line and let us know if we can help you. Blessings!