We are a family band that did not want to be a family band.

We were playing living rooms (our own) and nursing homes in our home city of Westlake Village when several pastors saw us play and asked us to lead worship at their churches. After saying no for a couple of years, thinking that our simple, bluegrass style of worship more suited our family times than a full group, we finally realized God was calling us to something more than we thought.

Since then we find ourselves ministering most Sundays at churches in southern California — and we absolutely love it. All seven members of our family are in the band.

Joel, the dad, sings lead and plays the banjo.

Ana Maria, the mom, sings.

Ian, the big brother, plays violin.

Evan, the little brother, plays guitar and sings.

Rachel, the oldest sister, sings and plays the cajon.

Kate sings, but would rather play soccer.

Jane sings and plays the shaker.

Learn more about us in our FAQs section. We hope you enjoy our music and that it draws you closer to Jesus. May our songs of worship put words and melodies to the songs of your heart. Blessings and love!

The Kilpatrick Family

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